About Us

Still going strong since the late 70’s. We meet at the Point every second Saturday of the month for comps. Cronulla Point Boardriders Club is a friendly social club united by the love of surfing and the environment. We are a not for profit organisation designed to nurture and support likeminded people regardless of gender, age or culture.

  • President: Jon Lavers
  • Vice President: Mark Sorensen
  • Secretary: Shane Stalker
  • Treasurer: Bruce Phillips
  • Website: Find us on Facebook and Instagram

Club Info

About Club

Cronulla Point Boardriders, more affectionately known as CPB, was founded by a dedicated group of surfers from the Sutherland Area who preferred to surf the challenging reefs of Cronulla Point to the beach breaks in the area.

Originally founded in 1985 the club has gone through several incarnations throughout the ensuing decades. The early days of the club saw it more focused as a social gathering of like minded surfers and friends. CPB was famous through out the shire as a club that loved a good time and owned the point. The ensuing years saw the club become more focused on the competitive side of surfing with names such as Stalker and Yealland gracing the honour roll of the club.

The current incarnation of CPB blends the social and the competitive aspects to form a unique experience at any event. The social side of CPB is the backbone of all events that the club is involved in from fund raising events to competition weekends. This social side has helped maintain the clubs family friendly atmosphere where all are welcome.

The club regularly holds events in support of the local community organisations and persons in need of their support. This has established the club as a good nurturing ground for the next generation of Cronulla surfers. The clubs current code of conduct is testament to the clubs emphasis on the enjoyment of mateship and surfing over a win at all costs attitude

Names synonymous with Sutherland Shire are synonymous with CPB with second and third generation surfers from the area enjoy the competition and laid back style of the club. Names such as Sorensen, Trevena, Manion, Griggs, Rhodes, Stalker, Curran, Yealland have grown up with CPB.

CPB is does not advertise to be an elite club and encourages anyone interested in surfing to come along and enjoy friendship on its members.

Contest Dates

The club holds its competition on the second Saturday of each month from February and November, with the option of being able to postpone the event until the conditions are just right for the Point.

Divisions of competitions are:

Juniors is open to members 18 years of age and younger,

Womens is for all the girls and ladies.

Open is open the anyone

Masters is for old of body young of mind with 35 – 45 year olds.

Grand Masters is for the senior citizens with all those over 45 years of age.

Contact Info

Current point of contacts are:

President: Jon Lavers (e)  jonsurf2001@yahoo.com.au

Vice President: Mark Sorrensen (e) mark.sorensen@henryschein.com.au

Secretary: Shane Stalker (e) shane777@iprimus.com.au

Treasurer: Bruce Phillips (e) bnphillips@bigpond.com

You can also find CPB on Facebook and Instagram.