About Us

Southside Malibu Club Cronulla  now has over 100 members and the club in typical Cronulla style is very competitive, yet is passionately socially active as well.

  • President: Joe Glendenning

Club Info

About Club

Board lengths must be 8 feet and over for you to be eligible to compete. If you are interested in joining or want to find out a bit more about the club and what goes on each month, please don’t hesitate to come along to one of our comps or you can contact one of our committee members on our Contact page. We encourage everyone to come down and join in. Come on down!

Contest Dates

Southside Malibu Club Cronulla meets on the first Sunday of each month except January (check out our calendar on this site).

Contact Info

Southside Malibu Club Cronulla Incorporated
ABN 47 636 430 795

PO Box 688, Cronulla NSW 2230