About Surfing Sutherland Shire

For all the latest administrative information regading surfing in the Sutherland Shire, please click through to learn more and contact our organisation.

Surfing Sutherland Shire Boardriders Clubs

What makes Surfing Sutherland Shire the successful organisation it is are the men, women and kids that make up the Sutherland Shire surfing community.
An integral element in this positive community activity are the numerous boardriders clubs. Click through below to learn more about each club.

Cronulla-National Surfing Reserve

The Cronulla Beaches NSR was declared in September 2008 and is one of southern Sydneys’ premier surf spots. Cronulla is home to former world champion surfers as well as other important figures in the development of Australian surfing and surf lifesaving. One of the largest NSR in Australia, the ‘Nulla’ is proudly preserved by a strong surfing community from an area better known as the ‘Shire’.