Surf Retrospect

Cronulla’s First Surfer

In the summer of 1914/15, Duke Kahanamoko became Cronulla’s first surfer when he demonstrated his legendary board riding skills at North Cronulla.

100 Years of Surfing

In 2015, Sutherland Shire’s surfing community celebrated the influence of surfing on the Shire community over the past 100 years.

Surf Retrospect

The celebrations are under the umbrella of Surf Retrospect Cronulla which aims to raise financial support for Surfing Sutherland Shire.

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Surf Retrospect

‘Surf Retrospect’ is Surfing Sutherland Shire’s title for celebrating key surfing milestones and hosting events. We have honoured past champions, brought attention to key moments in our surfing and cultural identify and played a key role of fostering community spirit and engagement. Some of the highlights have been;

Surf Retrospect 2019 “NSR 10 Year anniversary” – Marking 10 years since the recognition of Cronulla as a National Surfing Reserve. The event consisted of a Gala Dinner, installation of the Sharks Island sign, Community Photo Competition and importantly the acknowledged of the outstanding commitment and contribution of our local board riding clubs and volunteers have made to our local community.

Surf Retrospect 2016 “50 Years of Progression” – Greg Noll returned to Cronulla to help us celebrate the first demonstration of Malibu Surfing in Cronulla some 50 years ago. Noll was a member of the American lifeguard team, that came to Australia during the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, surfing Cronulla Point to the amazement of onlookers. The event also included a charity surfing competition, surfboard display and the inclusion of ‘The Point’ into our National Surfing Reserve sign program.

Surf Retrospect 2015 “Celebrating 100 Years of Surfing” – It was on February 7, 1915, when Duke Kahanamoku made his auspicious debut at North Cronulla, that surfing took place for the first recorded time in Sutherland Shire. To mark the milestone Surfing Sutherland Shire unveiled the Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame during the celebrations.

Where is all began.

In the summer of 1914/15, Hawaiian Olympic Swimming Champion, Duke Kahanamoko demonstrated his legendary board riding skills at North Cronulla, causing a sensation when he took on a big swell to wow the locals.

Riding a board of solid wood weighing up to 50kg, local newspaper the St George Call described how Kananamoko made surfing look “ridiculously easy by standing upright, standing on his head, diving off and twisting the board” when he took to the waves on February 7, 1915.

Until that time, very few had attempted to ride the waves at Cronulla on a board, rather the popularity of body surfing was on the rise leading to the establishment of the Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club in 1908 with three more surf clubs to follow in the coming years.

Kahanamoko who was the world’s best known surfer at the time, captured the imagination of the thousands who witnessed his prowess and inspired many to take up the ancient Hawaiian sport of board riding. He is therefore credited with the arrival of the sport of surfing in Cronulla.

  • 100 Years of Surfing

    2015 – Sutherland Shire’s surfing community and boardrider clubs commemorated the Duke’s historic visit as well as the influence of surfing on the Shire community over the past 100 years. A series of events have been held including the Centenary Surf Titles, charity dinners, a photographic exhibition, retro surfboard display, the presentation of a replica Duke surfboard and the construction of a Surfing Walk of Fame honouring local surfing champions.

  • Surf Retrospect

    Surf Retrospect is created to form a series of events which aim to celebrate our local surfing history and where possible to raise financial support for Surfing Sutherland Shire, a non-profit organisation that helps talented junior surfers to develop as professional surfers.

  • Cronulla Point Celebrated

    2016 – Celebrating 50 years of progression since the Malibu surfboard was introduced to Cronulla Point by Greg Noll.

  • Shark Island Acknowledged

    2019 – The iconic wave that is Shark Island was recognised as the 10th Anniversary of the Cronulla National Surfing Reserve was celebrated.