Walk Of Fame

Those On The Walk Of Fame

The Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame recognise those who achieve world class and elite levels in surfing sports.

Where is The Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame is located on “The Wall” footpath area at the southern end of Prince Street, Cronulla.

The Future

The Walk of Fame will grow over the coming years to further recognise local elite level surfers.

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About the Surfing Walk of Fame

The Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame is a permanent feature of Cronulla with a series of bronze plaques embedded into the famous Cronulla Esplanade honouring local surfing champions. The Walk of Fame will grow over the coming years to recognise those who achieve world class and elite levels in surfing sports.

Former Sutherland Shire Mayor, Kent Johns said the Shire community has thrown its support behind the Surf Retrospect celebration of surfing which was organised by a committee of the local surfing community, local businesses and other interested community members

“Sutherland Shire Council is proud to support the celebrations. The story of surfing in the Shire continues to be written and recorded, and these plaques will be a wonderful way to encourage the next generation of surfers to aspire to one day see their name recorded forever in bronze along this stretch of magnificent coastline,” Mr Johns said.

State MP for Cronulla, Mark Speakman said surfing and the beach are a central part of Cronulla recreation and commerce. “Over the course of 100 years, surfing has become a multi-million dollar business that is integral to the Cronulla brand. The Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame is a tangible and permanent celebration of the sport which has enriched our local culture, and of its iconic stars,” Mr Speakman said.

Walk Of Fame Unveiling

Surfing Sutherland Shire officially unveiled the Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame on Sunday 8 March at North Cronulla Beach.

The opening was the culmination of a series of celebrations held in Cronulla this year to mark 100 years of surfing in the Sutherland Shire in recognition of legendary Hawaiian boardrider Duke Kahanamoko’s first wave at Cronulla in the summer of 1914/15. Surf Retrospect also celebrates the greats of boardriders who have contributed to surfing’s history in the Shire over the past 100 years.

Walk Of Fame Inductees

  • Duke Kahanamoku
  • Bobby Brown
  • Jim Banks
  • Garry Green
  • Richard Marsh
  • Mark Occhilupo
  • Gavin Colman
  • Andrew Lester
  • Kirk Flintoff

Centenary / Duke Kahanamoku

On February 7, 2015, Sutherland Shire officially commemorated the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the sport of surfing in Cronulla. It was the day that legendary Olympic swimmer, Duke Kahanamoku, came to Cronulla to demonstrate his swimming prowess. The Duke was already the world’s best known surfer when he visited Australia in late 1914 and early 1915 to showcase the ancient Hawaiian sport. His board riding exhibitions at Manly and Cronulla attracted thousands of spectators.

Surfing Sutherland Shire acknowledged the Duke’s historic visit as well as the influence of surfing on our local community over the past 100 years. The milestone was marked with a two week celebration including the Centenary Surf Titles, charity dinners, the presentation of a replica Duke surfboard and the construction of this Surfing Walk of Fame, honouring local surfing champions.

  • Inducted by: Mayor Clr Kent Johns – Sutherland Shire Council
  • Insert on: 7/2/2015

Bobby Brown

Ranked among the best surfers of the 1960s, Cronulla’s favorite son,Bobby Brown, was destined for surfing greatness when he was struck down in a pub brawl, two months shy of his 21st birthday. Brown was only 17 when he burst on the surfing scene to defeat Midget Farrelly to win the 1964 NSW state titles. A few weeks later in the debut World Surfing Championships at Manly. Brown, at 17 the youngest qualifier, was beaten into fourth place.

He was an open men’s finalist in both the 1966 Nationals at Coolangatta and 1967 Nationals at Bells Beach, Victoria. Brown represented surfing’s age of innocence before the short board totally changed the surfing lifestyle, and was credited with developing the inside-the-curl style which was to take Australia to the forefront of world surfing.

  • Inducted by: Brian Jackson – Jackson Surfboards
  • Insert on: 7/2/2015

Jim Banks

World-ranked No. 14 in 1980, Banks is regarded as one of the sport’s premier tuberiders. Banks turned pro in 1978 making a big impact when he finished third in the Coke Surfabout riding a board he had designed himself. He finished the year by winning the prestigious Pro Class Trials at Sunset Beach and was ranked No.18 in his rookie year. He spent the next four years on the pro circuit, finishing 18th in 1979, 14th in 1980 and 16th in 1981 and 1982. His first and only world tour win came at the 1981 OM Bali Pro in Indonesia.

From 1981 to 1988 Banks owned a Cronulla surfboard shop, producing some classic big wave guns. Since 2010, he has been living and organising surf charters to remote areas in Indonesia

  • Inducted by: Sylvania BMW
  • Insert on: 7/2/2015

Gary Green

Green joined the pro tour circuit in 1984, the same year he moved back to Cronulla, and in three years his rating went from 31st to 20th to 14th winning the Gunston 500 in 1986. He was fast and nimble in the water, best in smaller waves.  Midway through the 1987 season, while holding the No. 6 position in the ratings, Green abruptly quit the tour, saying his world circuit peers had become too serious. Far from finished, however, he went on to become one of the first sponsored surfers to draw a salary as a globetrotting “photo pro”— paid to free-surf around the world, creating media exposure for the brands he represented.

Inducted by: David Highland – Highland Property Agents

Insert on: 7/2/2015

Richard “Dog” Marsh

Marsh was a tenacious, never-say-die Top 16 competitor who lasted eight years on the world pro circuit.  Born and raised in Cronulla, Marsh began surfing at age nine. In 1986 he won the Australian National Titles and was runner-up to fellow Cronulla goofyfoot Mark Occhilupo in the Pro Junior; in 1987 he won the prestigious Pro Junior. Marsh broke the top 10 just once during his pro tour career, finishing eighth in 1992, the same year he won his only world circuit event, the Yoplait Pro on Réunion Island. He was also a finalist in the 1990 Pipeline Masters and runner up at Bells beach.

He now divides his time between Australia and France where he coaches and works on surfing projects.

Inducted by: Dennis McHugh – Tradies

Insert on: 7/2/2015

Mark “Occy” Occhilupo

Born in Kurnell, Occy began surfing at the age of nine, won his first Schoolboys contest at 13, was ranked third in the world at 17, and won the Pipeline Masters at 19 before he dropped off the pro tour at 22. In that stint between 1983 and 1988, Occy made 11 finals and won nine. Out of 247 heats surfed he won 189 – a success rate only Mark Richards and Occy’s great rival, Tom Curren, had higher winning percentages. In 1996, Occy was back, requalifying for the world tour in 1997 where he finished the second to Kelly Slater.

In 1999 he won three tour events and scored highly enough in the others to win the world title at the age of 33, sixteen years after his career began. Occy finally retired in 2007.

  • Inducted by: Adam Brissenden – Peak Wetsuits
  • Insert on: 7/2/2015

Kirk Flintoff

Air Show circuit surfer Flintoff learned his skills on the beaches and reefs around Cronulla. A prolific junior champion and nicknamed ‘Flying Flintoff’ for his dynamic aerial manoeuvres, the talented goofy footer won the Quiksilver Airshow World Series title in 2003 without even having to compete in the final event of the series in Western Australia.

An ASP World junior titles finalist in 2001 Flintoff finished third behind World champions Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning and surfed on the ASP tour with fellow Cronulla boardrider’s member Mark Ochillupo.

Inducted by: Nigel Howell – Triple Bull

Insert on: 7/2/2015

Andrew Lester

Bodyboarder  Andrew Lester grew up surfing in the competitive dog eat dog environment at Cronulla and was quick to standout both as a contest winning machine as well as a strong free surfer.

In 2001, Lester won the Pipeline Contest in Hawaii. Fourteen years later he completed his dream by winning the event he was always destined to win: The Shark Island Challenge.

Lester was one of Australia’s most successful competitors on the Australian domestic tour, the only rider to win the Australian title four times. He competed on the World tour where he was runner up twice and in 2004 won the bodyboard gold medal at the World Surfing Games.

Throughout his career Lester has been described as one of the most feared competitors in the sport of bodyboarding

  • Inducted by: Des Govender – Emerald Bodyboard Specialists
  • Insert on: 7/2/2015

Gavin Colman

A multiple Australian champion in the sport of kneeboarding Cronulla’s Gavin Colman grew up competing for the Southside Kneeriders club. Kneeboards, were easier to fit into tight sections on the wave, and were the vehicle of choice at some of the world’s gnarliest breaks, like Shark Island and Voodoo reef.

Colman completed a perfect week of competition by winning both the Open and Senior divisions at the 2007 Kneeboard World Championships at Santa Cruz’ Steamer Lane. Colman, who won every heat he surfed during the five-day competition, used an explosive vertical attack to win the open final.

Colman defended his World Kneeboard Title beating three fellow Australians in the Open Men’s Final of the 2009 ISA World Kneeboard Surfing Titles in New Zealand.

Inducted by: Sydney Kneeboard Club

Insert on: 7/2/2015

Eligibility criteria for inclusion

  • Achieved a World Title in  their chosen surf sport (ie: Mark Occhilupo, Andrew Lester, Gavin Colman)
  • Qualified for the WSL men’s or women’s World Championship Tour (no current examples)
  • Qualified for the ASP men’s or women’s World Championship Tour (ie: Jim Banks, Gary Green, Richard Marsh)
  • Competed in the Open Division of a World Title event prior to the formation of the ASP/WSL World Tour (ie: Bobby Brown – 1964 World Titles)
  • Has made a significant and outstanding contribution to surfing in our local community (ie: Duke Kahanamoku)

The following does not currently provide eligibility for inclusion into the Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame

  • Competing in or winning a National or State Title (ie: Junior, Open or Age divisions titles)
  • Competing in or winning a National or State School Surfing Title (ie: Individual or MR Shield)
  • Surfing in ASP Trials Events (These were held prior to ASP World Tour events and considered similar to competing on the current WQS)
  • Surfing in ASP/WSL Qualifying Series or Pro Junior Events (ie: any surfer can enter these events – pending qualification points)
  • Surfing on World Tours for Longboard, Bodyboard, or Kneeboard without winning the actual World Title for that discipline (often no qualification process is required to enter)

Note: Nominations will be considered buy the Surfing Sutherland Shire committee whenever eligibility criteria is attained. Plaques need to be funded and Sutherland Shire Council permission granted prior to installation.

What the Walk Of Fame means to them

“The walk of fame will be a wonderful way to encourage the next generation of surfers to aspire to one day see their name recorded forever along this stretch of magnificent coastline,”

“Over the course of 100 years, surfing has become a multi-million dollar business that is integral to the Cronulla brand. The Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame is a tangible and permanent celebration of the sport which has enriched our local culture, and of its iconic stars,”