MOB Big Wave Awards

The MOB Big Wave Awards, initiated by Blake Johnston and part of Surf Retrospect 2016, are attracting some great entries. Here are just a few:

“The concept is to embrace and showcase the local big wave community and the world class waves in the Cronulla region. By doing so we will create camaraderie between the surfers who share a passion for big heavy waves and make it a safer environment by doing so,” Johnston said.

There are seven categories headed by the ‘Ride of the Year’ which can be with paddling or towing in. The surfer has to complete the drop to at least the bottom of the wave to qualify. Awards including tube of the year, best wipeout, performer of the year, rookie performer of the year, move of the year and photo of the year will all be voted on by the CBWA panel and selected surfers.

Cash and prizes will be awarded for the surfer and photographer of each winning category. The event will culminate with the M.O.B store hosting Sydney’s biggest ever surfboard demonstration day held at Dunningham Park. The public will also be able to trial a huge range of the world’s best gear.

Entry details here>>

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