Surfing Sutherland Shire Undergoes Transformation

Shire surfers have finally got a real voice with the formation of a new peak body to address all things surfing and beach culture related.

Surfing Sutherland Shire is an organization that has been formed after Surfing NSW amalgamated their South and East regions into one big body representing all competitive surfers south ot the Harbour.

President Andy Britton, a lifetime surfer and Cronulla local, said “equitable use of beach facilities and a voice for all things coastal related is vital in our seaside community, as is building a network of support for all surfing related clubs”.

“There are 13 surf interested clubs in Sutherland Shire – not counting surf lifesaving clubs who have their own committee – and there are also all thousands of free surfers who have their issues and need representation,” Mr Britton said.

Surfing Sutherland Shire was born out of the success of Surf Retrospect an event held to celebrate 100 years since the Duke first surfed at Cronulla. Surf Retrospect will be held again this year – 60 years since the US surf team  came to Australia to compete at a pre Melbourne  Olympic surf carnival.

The Americans led by Greg Noll, changed everything for surfers, bringing new Hot Dog, shorter boards that made the old wooden Toothpicks used at the time obsolete.

They set up in Cronulla Surf Club and surfed off Cronulla Point amazing the thousands that flocked to the beach to watch.

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